Farpoint Astronomical Research

Farpoint Astronomical Research
The Farthest Point of Vision

Friday, March 9, 2012

Calling all Astronomers

Dear Astronomer and friend,
There is a force behind Astronomy, you can't see it or touch it but it's spirit and power is present, it's what brings our thoughts and actions to the day and night sky all around us, from our moon and solar system to the incredible objects we see deep out in space to our tiny yellow star that we call our sun! Throughout ancient cultures to the very beginning of mankind Astronomy has been our planets oldest natural science dating back thousands and thousands of years to the very beginning and understanding of celestial observation. In modern times our fascination with space was captured by the inspiration that created the first exploration and missions beyond our planet by NASA and the Soviet Union leading us now to a new technological era that has brought unimaginable images that were captured by the Hubble Telescope to what continues to inspire us to explore deeper and farther into space to the vastness that our Universe holds in store for us and what may lie beyond!

Believe it or not as astronomers we are time and space travelers as we use our gear like a time machine to bring us through the portals of space to search through the heavens to capture all we can by the influence and impact it has on each of us as it's force is what propels us onward to search and scan the heavens for the next step onward that will bring us closer and closer to the far reaches of the Universe as it's power drives us in our journey to greater adventures and what Astronomy was meant to do!

There is also another force that is within your grasp, it comes from a spirit that was created by a passion and devotion to this hobby and from it's spirit to bring astronomers closer and continue our travel together to those places that lie far beyond! This force is what fuels our journey and how it was meant to bring a greater vision into Astronomys to incredible places we are all meant to find...

Today this spirit lives on in Farpoint, from our vision to expand the reach of Astronomers to the places you will soon come to find...

This is who we are, we are Farpoint...The Farthest Point of Vision !